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Vishvakarman - The Mythological Engineer

Indian Mythology revolves around the axis of people who are shown supremely talented. Mythology always talks about the future by living in the present. In mythology we always see that everything is personified, Like nature as devi , Wealth as Laxmi and many more.


Vishvakarman is one such example, he said to be the engineer of Vedic times. He is the personification of 'creation' and is also referred to as creator god in Rigveda. Son of Brahma, he is the creator of many major places in Indian mythology. He is the creator of all major chariots and weapons of devas. He is considered as 'Principle Architect of the Universe'.

He is a presiding deity for all the engineers and architects in India.

Vishvakarman - Worship  

In Hinduism, people widely worship Vishvakarman as god of architect and creation. Engineers widely worship this god. Every year on 15th or 16th September Vishvakarman puja is done all over India by engineers. They do so by increasing their productivity and capability in their workshops and factories. Vishvakarman Puja is also associated with the buoyant custom of flying kites. This occasion in a way also marks the start of the festive season that culminates in Diwali. 

Some Brilliant Works

In Indian Mythology scriptures, such as Vedas or The epics has a lot stories about Vishvakarman and his architectural wonders. In the stories Vishvakarman is shown designing and making different beautiful projects and works.

Through the four 'yugas', he had built several towns and palaces for the gods. In "Satya yuga", he built the Swarg Loke, or heaven, the abode of the gods and demigods where Lord Indra rules. Vishwakarma then built the 'Sone ki Lanka' in "Treta yuga", the city of Dwarka in "Dwapar yuga", and Hastinapur and Indraprastha in the "Kali yuga".

Lanka : The Golden City

According to Hindu mythology, 'Sone ki Lanka' or Golden Lanka was the place where the demon king Ravana dwelled in the "Treta yuga." As we read in the epic story Ramayana, this was also the place where Ravana kept Sita, Lord Ram's wife as a hostage.

There is also a story behind the construction of Golden Lanka. When Lord Shiva married Parvati, he asked Vishwakarma to build a beautiful palace for them to reside. Vishwakarma put up a palace made of gold! For the housewarming ceremony, Shiva invited the wise Ravana to perform the "Grihapravesh" ritual. After the sacred ceremony when Shiva asked Ravana to ask anything in return as "Dakshina", Ravana, overwhelmed with the beauty and grandeur of the palace, asked Shiva for the golden palace itself! Shiva was obliged to accede to Ravana's wish, and the Golden Lanka became Ravana's palace.


Vishwakarma also built the town of Indraprastha for the Pandavas. The Mahabharata has it that King Dhritrashtra offered a piece of land called 'Khaandavprastha' to the Pandavas for living. Yudhishtir obeyed his uncle's order and went to live in Khaandavprastha with the Pandava brothers. Later, Lord Krishna invited Vishwakarma to build a capital for the Pandavas on this land, which he renamed 'Indraprastha'.

Legends tell us about the architectural marvel and beauty of Indraprastha. Floors of the palace were so well done that they had a reflection like that of water, and the pools and ponds inside the palace gave the illusion of a flat surface with no water in them.

After the palace was built, the Pandavas invited the Kauravas, and Duryodhan and his brothers went to visit Indraprastha. Not knowing the wonders of the palace, Duryodhan was flummoxed by the floors and the pools, and fell into one of the ponds. The Pandava wife Draupadi, who witnessed this scene, had a good laugh! She retorted, hinting at Duryodhan's father (the blind king Dhritrashtra) "the son of a blind man is bound to be blind." This remark of Draupadi annoyed Duryodhan so much that later on it became a major cause for the great war of Kurukshetra described in the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad Gita.

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