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Ardhanarishwar : God and goddess are equal

In Indian Mythology we always talk about the terms Nirgun or Sagun. Nirgun means without form and Sagun means with form. We usually take up these terms to describe god's form. We say god is perfect but if given form , no form is perfect. If god is visualised as plant (like Tulsi) then it excludes animals and minerals. If god is visualised as Human being it excludes Plants and minerals.

But if we talk about humans , Is it Male or Female?

Ardhanari form

In Indian Mythology, god is not limited to any form. God is Majorly and perfectly shown in the form of three human couples: Brahma and Saraswati , Vishnu and Laxmi and Shiva and Shakti. The Male triad of the Hindu belief or Mythology is Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Brahma is shown as a nerdy god whereas Vishnu and Shiva is shown as King and a Yogi. The Female Hindu Triad consists of Shakti , the powerful form of Nature, Laxmi the economic form and Saraswati the Knowledgeable form of the same. They all embodies Wealth, Knowledge and Power.
The hindu male trinity

If we see these images or Metaphors carefully we shall see the male hindu triad is generally associated with WORK like Creating, Sustaining and Destroying. These qualities are still and stable. On  the other hand the female hindu triad is associated with qualities such as Wealth, Knowledge and Power. All the qualities are attainable and can be acquired from nature. These qualities can be created , sustained or destroyed.

If we again make a quest for ourselves that is the gender for these images important. Is it important more than the idea symbolised through them. If so than the Male triad here is an active subject and symbolises those who do things and the female triad symbolises those to whom things are done. But this is one and a very plain side of seeing these images.

The hindu female trinity

If we see these images by keeping the idea symbolised by them more important than the form then we realise that the male triad signifies the individual who do things, the one who senses , actually it symbolises the spiritual reality within us! We could be the creator,sustain-er or the destroyer whether we are male or female. The gender need not do anything with it.
The female triad,  in this way symbolises the reaction or the one who provokes the individual to be either of a creator , sustain-er or destroyer. They are associated with emotion and feelings.

So, if we see like this the gods are within all of us as the Spirituality and the goddesses are around all of us as qualities. We can create, sustain or destroy wealth , knowledge and power.  

The Legend 

They legend or the story attached to this form of Shiva and Shakti is that there was a devotee of Shiva named Bringhurishi. He was pride of himself and thought that he was the biggest devotee Lord Shiva ever had. Once he came up to Kailasha (Shiva's Adobe) to preach Shiva and make him happy. He told Shiva that he wanted to go around him once and take a parikarma. Shiva agrees to his proposal and allows him to go around him to fulfil his wish. As the devotee starts to do that, parvati stops him and tells him that if he wants to go around Shiva so he has to go around the Shakti or Parvati also. 

So Shiva accordingly puts his arm on parvati's shoulder and come close to her. Bringhu being stubborn takes a form of bee and go around Shiva by passing through a narrow gap between their heads. Parvati was not satisfied, so she merges herself with Shiva and takes the Ardhanari's form. Bringhu rejects them and refuse to go around the Shakti. Therefore, getting angry Parvati curses him that all that he has got from a female source will be taken away from him. As a consequence, Bringhu turns into a hill of ash with all flesh and charm taken away from him.   

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