Saturday, 6 August 2016

Mythological Friendships

As we come to the dearest and a much awaited day of the year 'Friendship Day', I thought of collecting some fabulous examples of the greatest friendships from Indian Mythology for all of you reading this. Seldom do people talk about these stories and legends. This is a special post that I want to dedicate to all my friends.

As we talk about friendships some instant names come to our mind. Lets recall those names and re captivate the essence of friendship in a mythological way.

Karna and Duryodhana

Full of controversies and complexes their friendship is a kind which people generally take as selfishness and greediness of Duryodhana, but just going by the story their friendship legend talks about their fabulous chemistry and understanding. Their friendship starts when Karna is rejected by all (even his blood brothers) but accepted by Duryodhan. Duryodhan , no matter of what intentions , gifts him with the region called 'Anga' and makes him the king (Angaraja). This gesture of Duryodhana makes Karna totally devoted towards him. This sprouts the legend of their friendship. 

Krishna and Sudama 

The most famous story of friendship comes from the tale of Krishna and Sudama which not only talk about 'Jati Pratha' but also touches the sensitive topic of Faith that is most important in friendship. Their legend surely tells us about the real meaning of unconditional love between two friends and teaches us the real meaning of friendship. 

Krishna and Draupadi

Most often pin-pointed as adulterated by the society , this friendship couple surely stands at number one position in this list. Their bond shows how strong can friendship be. They make the statement 'A friend in need is a friend indeed' true as Krishna helps Draupadi by elongating her dress when the whole society including her husbands kept her on stake. They were the actual BFF's. 

Rama and Hanuman   

A bond that was made of commitment. The friendship most often regarded as Bhakti by scholars. This relationship talks about respect. The selfless Hanuman helps his friend to rescue her wife Sita. They set the example of the most Divine friendship in 'Indian Mythology'. 

Krishna and Arjuna 

The friendship that led to the overflowing of the ocean of knowledge in middle of the battle field. The friendship most talked about. The friendship that turns in a teacher-student relationship in Gita. Their friendship unfolds many colours of the same. They make us understand that a best friend is the best teacher of a person.  

Happy Friendship Day 2016!!
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