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Decoding Mahabharata - A Bon Voyage to the Greatest Epic

 As , in the last post we discussed about Ramayana .. in this post we will discuss about the largest and greatest epic of the world - THE MAHABHARATA

As we talk about Mahabharata , characters like Krishna , Arjuna , Draupadi and Duryodhan comes into our mind. The godly and evil nature associated to each of them also strikes at the same time. A massive war which led to huge destruction is always associated with Mahabharata.

In this post we are going to discuss some unknown facts about Mahabharata and its Characters......

Arjuna became Napunsakh (eunuch)

After the disrobing episode of Draupadi in Mahabharat , the Pandavas were supposed to 13 years of Forest exile as per the orders of Drithrashtra , in which one year was agyat vas (in cognito). Krishna suggested the Pandavas to use this oppurtunity to increase their powers for the coming Kurukshetra war. Pandavas started to meditate the names of different gods. In this course, Arjuna recieved Pashupatastra from Lord Shiva and was invited to Indralok by Indra. 

Arjuna as eunuch
In that stay, Urvashi got a major crush over the handsome and charming Arjuna and proposed him for marriage. Arjuna rejected her proposal and addressed her as his 'Mother' because of Indra being his father. Urvashi was very annoyed by this gesture of Arjuna and cursed him that he would become a eunuch for his entire life. When she told about this curse to Indra , he scolded her and told her that she was actually Arjuna's mother. Urvashi took her curse back and told Arjuna that this curse would be only for one year. Indra also assured Arjuna that this curse would serve him as a boon during his hiding exile of one year. 

Drona was born out of Masturbation?

Drona who was the teacher of Pandavas and Kaurvas in Mahabharat was born in an very mystic and weird way. He was not born in the womb of any lady but in vessel called 'Drona'  One Rishi Bhardwaj with his companion to river Ganga for his ablution. There he encountered a beautiful lady called 'Gritachi' who had come there to take a bathe. Due to this without any physical contact but a great desire, caused him to produce a reproductive fluid. Bhardwaj collected that fluid in a vessel called 'drona' , a child sprung from the fluid thus preserved. This is how Drona was without mother.

Drona - The guru

Krishna broke his promise

Before the massive battle of Mahabharata, Krishna promised everyone the he would not use a weapon in the battle field. But once during the battle, Bhishma who was great warrior took out his arrow to kill Arjuna. Krishna told him that he had no right to kill Arjuna as he was himself faulty and made him understand all his mistakes that he committed. During this, Krishna took a chariot wheel in between the field and cautioned bhisma that he would kill him!!

Krishna broke his promise

Fake adherence to truth - Yudhishthir ?

Yudhisthir in whole of the Mahbharata, was famous for his truth adherence. Even in the disrobing episode, having lost everything Yudhishthir never spoke a lie and never let go the dharma but during the battle he also once took the support of avoiding dharma. In the war , Drona was killing thousands of people of yudhishthir's army. Yudhishthir knew that the weakest point of his teacher or guru was his son Ashwathama so he lied to Drona that his son Ashwathama has been killed by Bheema , who actually killed elephant named 'Ashwathama'. According to Krishna, Yudhishthir didn't lie as someone named 'Ashwathama' was killed by Bheema... Right ??? 

Bheema killed Ashwathama- the elephant

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